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canada goose kensington parka womens VanderWiel rescued Lucy from the side of the road two years ago and carried the young gosling back to her farm in the palm of her hand.

"She was just a little tiny ball of fluff. We nursed her back to health," said VanderWeil.

VanderWeil says she put Lucy in a pen with other chicks, not knowing the stray bird was a Canada Goose. Lucy bonded with her chickens and quickly became domesticated.

"She knows her name. She lays down with my dog. She'll fly to the neighbours and canada goose down come right back home, she's a happy bird," said VanderWeil.

VanderWiel says Lucy's has always been free to fly away but showed little interest in geese that migrate through her property.

Now, she worries Lucy is stressed and fears she'll stop eating.

VanderWiel admits, in hindsight she did the wrong thing by picking Lucy off the side canada goose parkas    of the road and taking her home, but says she didn't know at the time the little ball of yellow fluff was a Canada Goose.

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That’s the rallying cry of a growing Facebook movement, protesting the removal of a B.C. woman’s pet Canada goose by conservation authorities.
Diane VanderWiel says she rescued Lucy two years ago, when the wild bird was just “a little ball of yellow fluff.” As she explains on Facebook, she stumbled upon the gosling on a road and brought it back to her St. James property, where she fed, watered and sheltered it. Over time, the Canada goose became part of her family.
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Last week, conservation officials removed Lucy and took the bird to a wildlife rescue centre in Prince George. As CBC reports, Canada’s Migratory Birds Convention Act prohibits people from keeping wild birds, including Canada geese, without a permit.
Ms. VanderWiel says she did not realize Lucy was a Canada goose when she first rescued her. And although she has tried to reintegrate the goose back to the wild, Lucy never seemed interested in leaving.
“Lucy would follow me and the dogs as we walked around on our property, she would reply with a honk when I said, ‘Lets go for a walk.’ She would fly to me if she fell to far behind and land right at my side,” Ms. VanderWiel writes.
Already upset with Lucy’s removal, Ms. VanderWiel became even more distressed when she was told the rescue centre where Lucy was sent does not have the long-term facilities to accommodate the goose.
“[S]he is going to be moved to Vancouver Island to be euthanized or she may be euthanized here in Prince George. Now you can see why I have been terrorized by the system and Lucy’s fate is in my hands,” Ms. VanderWiel’s Facebook message says.
As of noon Wednesday, close to 2,000 people have joined the Facebook campaign.
“This is ridiculous, It’s not like a huge rhino is running around the farm causing havic [sic] or something,” one Lucy supporter wrote.
Animal protection advocates often warn the public against keeping wild animals as pets, not only in the interests of keeping people safe from potential harm but also for the creatures’ well-being.
As the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies states, “The CFHS maintains that the needs and welfare of animals are of primary importance – more important than entertaining and amusing individuals. These needs cannot be met when individuals attempt to house wild or exotic animals as pets.”
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On December 31, 2010, Etam in Shanghai Fuxing road 1195th (near South Shanxi road) has shown a new canada goose down concept store to us, as we open a gateway to the beautiful shortcut.
In this two-story building in nearly 350 square meters of space, is elegant and exquisite example of 5 brands aige, Etam, and Etam Weekend and the ES, and EtamLingerie, and EtamHOMME. Perfect combination of modern romantic feelings of French and native culture amazed at Shanghai.
The first new concept store brings us a beautiful surprise, came from the entire look of your shop and is located in an excellent location, Flash huaguang aige covered with a layer of light coat, her beauty and atmosphere on top and lit up the road, people have a camera eye. Second surprise came from inside the shop, midway between the rotating glass staircase, canadian goose jackets to show new design idea of space.
Etam and EtamHOMME shared level of elegance. Arab flower aige the pierced carving style sign charm displaying brand image. Overall gray tones natural fusion of two brands together. EtamHOMME focuses on rugged material, cement, dark wood canada goose parkas decorative walls and wood to create a space of pure men. Etam, has provided us with more color and curve shape: oval thousands of bird tables, the pink mirror, printed in the dressing room wall attracts glamorous young urban women.
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Recently, a name for Otter Republic of Cenozoic designers ladies ' brand in Shanghai held has a small scale of new publishing show, scene of more for designers and fashion canada goose parkas magazine and media persons, although entire activities just continued has 1 hours, but still obtained has very good of evaluation, famous fashion critic tide network Bedi more is exclaim, Otter Republic or will raises domestic original ladies ' brand of market pattern.
Otter Republic, also known as OR, though not many people know in the country, but if the mention of her "mother" Star group, it is famous. Star group originated from Taiwan, was founded in 1993, nearly 20 years has focused on research and development of knitted fabrics, producing tens of tons of high grade knitted fabrics, and dozens of canadian goose jackets international and domestic famous sports brand has very close cooperation.
Since 2008, Crown group in Taiwan set up "OR laboratory", is committed to providing Taiwan new generation designer providing canada goose down creative platforms, fostering the industrialization of original design, and held once a year "OR original design competition", has been held three times so far.
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Wanted to have different in the 20 's elegant temperament and maturity, on clothing styles, also to be transformed, in the fall and winter seasons, canada goose parkasheiress of wind coat are all good choices, today specially set up for everyone to go and see it with several.
Entered 30 and then forget those complex of cascading remix dressed method, select the costume is more simple and generous can highlight your personal charisma, Oh!
Camel wool collar coat is stunning enough, matching black stockings and high heels is the right choice for simple, creating elegance is that simple.
Camel wool collar coat is stunning enough, canada goose downmatching black stockings and high heels is the right choice for simple, creating elegance is that simple.
Two-color match black and white fur shawl patterned dress immediately added many noble atmosphere, don't forget to use the elegant long necklace to enhance sense, Oh!
Ordinary black shirt and skirt combination because the check package for fur shawls and noble elegant pearl necklaces to join and become themselves.
Don't know what to wear when you choose the classic black, canadian goose jacketsgray and color, black COPINE matching Tweed skirt to create elegant CHANEL-style French.


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